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Chemeketa Cellars is Educational

The Wine Studies program at Chemeketa Community College has an 8-acre vineyard and a fully functioning estate teaching winery on premise. Each sip of wine from Chemeketa Cellars represents the hands-on training that happens here.

Chemeketa Cellars is Experimental

Each batch of Chemeketa Cellars wine provides a lesson for our student winemakers. Winemaking is one of the oldest trades in the world which means there is much to learn over a lifetime of practice. All classes taught and wines produced at Chemeketa Cellars are done under the tutelage of professional wine instructors.

Chemeketa Cellars is Exclusive

Every student is different and so is every class. Each class has the autonomy to choose its winemaking direction. Experimentation is encouraged and stewarded by our winemaking instructor into each vintage of Chemeketa Cellars wine. All of the wines are limited-edition vintages and bottled in small quantities. Every class contributes a new edition to the Chemeketa Cellars wine portfolio.

Chemeketa Cellars is Environmentally Conscious

Terroir is a term people often hear when discussing wine, but what does it mean? Terroir is a French term that, literally translated, means soil or earth. The concept of terroir on a broader level includes all of the environmental aspects that affect a wine including climate, topography, soil, and farming practices. Each of these aspects imparts a certain flavor or characteristic into wine. For this reason, Chemeketa Cellars and the Wine Studies program take time to provide TLC to the vineyard and winery. One way that Chemeketa Cellars ensures it is doing its best for sustainable and environmentally friendly agricultural practices is to secure LIVE (Low Input Viticulture and Enology) certification. LIVE is headquartered at the Northwest Wine Studies Center, further solidifying the Center's commitment to continuing environmental education and advocacy.

Chemeketa Cellars is Eventful

A bustling winery. Classrooms and labs full of students. Industry meetings. Wine club events. One thing's for certain—Chemeketa Cellars has a lot going on. Sign up for Chemeketa Cellars' Wine Club to keep tabs on all of the events taking place at Oregon's innovative student-operated winery.

Wine Studies Program
Wine Studies at Chemeketa offers a hands-on continuing education and degree program focusing on all aspects of wine from grape to glass. Our own on-site, 8-acre vineyard and winery provide students an opportunity to learn the depth and breadth of vineyard management and winemaking – from the growing of the grape to harvesting, chemistry, production, and the selling of the wine. The Wine Studies program is located at The Northwest Wine Studies Center, which is a leading wine industry resource emphasizing strong alliances with the Northwest wine industry. It is also home to the tasting room for Chemeketa Cellars.

Visit Chemeketa Community College's Wine Studies program for more information.
Northwest Wine Studies Center

The Northwest Wine Studies Center is a leading wine industry resource that provides continuing education and degree programs in all aspects of wine, from grape to glass. The center emphasizes strong alliances with the Northwest wine industry, associated educational institutions, and the community. The Center is located in Salem, Oregon, on the Eola campus of Chemeketa Community College. Salem is the state capital and is centrally located in the middle of state’s largest AVA, the Willamette Valley.

The Northwest Wine Studies Center is the home of Chemeketa Cellars, the student run winery of the Wine Studies program at Chemeketa Community College. The Center houses the Tasting Room for Chemeketa Cellars, and is open to the public for tours, tasting and wine sales. When the Center is not in use for educational purposes, the contemporary design and majestic views make its conference space a popular private event venue.

Chemeketa Cellars
Tasting Room

A visit to the Chemeketa Cellars tasting room is the best way to experience our student-made wines. Students of the Wine Studies program operate the tasting room, offer tours, and share their knowledge about each of the wines currently being poured. It is a great opportunity to interact with the winemakers to learn about their studies and what influences their decision to make wine in Oregon. Bring your friends and family and share in the bounty of the Willamette Valley with us!

The Chemeketa Cellars Tasting Room is currently open on Wednesdays from 4-7 pm or by appointment. The tasting room has six wines for tasting and purchase, including pinot noir, gamay noir, rose, pinot blanc, pinot gris, and chardonnay. During regular tasting room hours, the tasting fee is $10, refundable with the purchase of a bottle. For groups who would like to visit outside of regular hours, please call contact Chemeketa Cellars at 503.584.7256 or tastings@chemeketacellars.com.

Tasting Room Hours
Wednesdays 4-7 pm or by appointment. 
Please note: The tasting room will be closed on November 21, December 26, January 2, March 27, and May 1. 

Chemeketa Cellars Wine Club
Chemeketa Cellars announces the launch of the new Chemeketa Cellars Wine Club! For the first time since the opening of the Northwest Wine Studies Center in 1999, the student-maintained vineyard and student-operated winery are officially opening their doors to the  public. Every wine made at Chemeketa Cellars is made in small quantities, with each graduating class of students producing their own wine. Why is that important? Because every wine made at Chemeketa Cellars is produced in limited quantities and only available for short time. In the past, you had to be in the know in order to snag a few bottles for your cellar. With the introduction of the Chemeketa Cellars Wine Club, members will have the opportunity to receive a fall, winter and spring pick-up of four wines each, be the first to receive new releases, and receive discounts on tasting room purchases.
To sign up for the wine club, please contact Chemeketa Cellars at 503.584.7256 or wineclub@chemeketacellars.com.
2018 Nouveau Release
November 15, 2018
5-7 pm
The Chemeketa Wine Studies program invites you to join Chemeketa Cellars and other Oregon wineries producing Nouveau at our 2018 Nouveau release party!

Traditionally, Nouveau is a red wine made from Gamay in the Beaujolais region of France to celebrate the end of harvest. Nouveau is released on the third Thursday of November every year. Please join us for this free event, where you can taste and learn more about Nouveau wines being produced in Oregon. Along with free tastings, we will have a selection of food items available for purchase and Nouveau wine for sale by the glass.

This event is free and open to the public. If you would like to attend, please RSVP to Megan Jensen at 503.584.7256 or megan.jensen@chemeketa.edu by November 10. 

5-7 pm - November 15, 2018 
Northwest Wine Studies Center 
215 Doaks Ferry Road NW 
Salem, OR 97304 
Donation Request
The Wine Studies program believes in giving back to our community and welcomes requests for donations. If you are interested in a donation from Chemeketa Cellars, please complete the contact form with details about your request. As the number of requests outweighs the quantity of available wine, requests are evaluated based on the level of educational, economic, and philanthropic benefit they provide to the community.  Please describe how your organization and the community would benefit from a Chemeketa Cellars donation. Successful donation requests focus on the educational and economic impact the donation would provide to the local community, educational entities and/or Oregon agriculture and the wine industry.
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Questions? Whether it's about scheduling a tasting room appointment, signing up for wine club, attending one of our events or something else entirely—drop us a line! We'd love to hear from you. Please use the email links below or call us directly. We look forward to connecting with you soon.
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